Free energy to your tenants

The first solar and battery system in the world that makes houses run on free energy and boost the value of your properties!

LiberPower is perfect to upgrade residential estate projects at every stage, from the design to the construction. Moreover, it can easily be integrated on most separate properties or townhouses, whether they already have a solar panels or not.

1 Assess

We evaluate the project or the actual property to understand the energy potential of the house. Then, we propose different combinations of technologies and investment, providing different “fair limit” options on daily energy consumption

2 Install

Our selected partner installers come and install the chosen configuration. You will also delegate LiberPower to take care of your energy bills. Within 2 months from the system installation, you will stop receiving energy bills.

3 Free Energy

Liberpower pays your bills and gives you clean, more secure energy. We do maintenance of your system on a regular basis, scheduling around 1 site visit per year. We will use LiberPower system to keep the electricity system cleaner and more secure

We believe that energy should be clean and free for everyone

Our solutions improve the living comfort of the tenant and help electricity systems integrate larger shares of renewable energies. Built on leading smart energy technologies, our home solar, battery and smart control system guarantees zero energy bills to homeowners.

How can energy be free ?

We manage relationships with energy retailers and distributors to make each house have a positive impact on the electricity grid.



Energy Retailer

We are not an energy retailer, we are the smart energy platform.


We are looking for partners in Australia!

Property Developers & Builders

LiberPower lets developers and builders sell sooner, sell better, because your customers love houses without energy bills, running on 100% clean, more secure energy.

Investors and Landlords

Increase the value of your properties by 10%, by including energy bills in the rent. LiberPower system pays back in about 5 or 6 years and guarantees free energy for 20 years.